Saturday, January 1, 2011

La Plaga - El Picudo Rojo

The red weevil is a clumsy be voracious pest.

100piés? o un monstruo?

A caterpillar plays the guy's leg hair like a lyre. Watch the little bugger play.

Assassin Bug - Arilus Cristatus - Exploring desk

The Assassin bug is what I'd expect aliens from outer space to look like when they finally invade the planet.

What Is This? Bird, Insect, Bat or Mechanical Sound?

Sounds like a bird chirping but since it's night time, it's a bird with insomnia.

Conifer Seed Bug (winter vacation)

A Non-vegetarian in Haryanvi Folklore

From the video's description: Praying mantis is non-vegetarian which consumes insects for its survival and thus it does the work of insecticides. And thus very helpful to society and its health by the way eliminating harmful insects without insecticides. A Haryanvi song describing this insect is sung by women farmers of Nidana. Everyone in Haryana is well aquivented(sic) with its ootheca (egg mass) used to call it "giddad ki sundi"

Friday, December 31, 2010

Insect sounds in the evening

The insects provide a constant symphony of sound.

Goliath Stick Insect

The people in the video sound like Australians so I'm going to pinpoint the location of these giant stick insects as Australia.

Nature Zoomed In

Camera: Canon Legria HF S21. Filmed in the video-taker's backyard, handheld without a tripod. Full HD Video 1920 x 1080p, at 25fps.

Artist is Drawn to Nature's Oddities

I think most people are drawn to the oddities in life because people are quirky. The artist's name is Alexis Rockman.

The Insects Dinner

Rich in protein, insects are a viable source of food as this video demonstrates.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hexbug nano swarm

Insect toys haven't evolved much in the past few decades.

Plants that go bad

These aren't bugs but I don't really care. The image at 0:19 isn't a plant but don't tell the person who titled this video.

Handling a Heteropteryx Female

That's a big effin' bug.

Weird Bugs on my Door

   The video-taker didn't know what kind of insects these were but they're leaf-footed bugs and I've added a photo below the video for reference.

Angry Caterpillar

The angry bug looks like it's getting ready to molt.

Deid Twigs! - Stick Insect - Kincumber NSW 2010

The guy says, "DEID Twigs" in an Australian accent. DEID. I learned a new way to spell DEAD today.

Giant Stick Insect Stars At 'Bug' Coin Launch

That huge stick insect creeps me out. Is it me or does an Australian accent make any woman 10X more attractive?

From the video's description: This video shows a giant stick insect crawling up and onto the head of Dr Beth Mantle, Collection Manager at the Australian National Insect Collection (CSIRO). Beth loves Australian insects and bugs of every kind and has been collecting them since she was a child -- making her the perfect person to introduce the Australian Backyard Bugs $1 Coin Set from The Perth Mint. Visit or for more information.

Earth Defense Force 2: Portable Trailer

The bugs are back for another romp on the PSP.


A horrible insect toy which looks like it should've never escaped from the 70s.

Stick Insect - Kakavato

That's my JAM!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Red wasp nest

From the video's description: Some takes in the nest of the red wasps, the background is concrete, first scene is one of them doing mandible movements, the second is one of puppets in development moving in the nest while observed by a mature wasp. and the last take is a adult one cleaning herself.

Cecropia Larva Shed

A Cecropia Moth larva shucks its old skin and leaves it behind.

Roach crush in high heel

A harridan in high heels crushes a roach beneath her gigantic feet.

Cockrell Butterfly Center

The Cockrell Butterfly Center is located at the Houston Museum of Natural Science in Houston, Texas.

Macro Life in HD

Macro video of an incapacitated insect followed by video of a wasp admidst the chirping and warbling of birds.

The spider looks fierce and it moves fast.

Bushveld Rain Frog Laps Up Termites

A fat frog laps up aliates (winged termites) as they emerge from their burrows.

Insect Photo Exhibit at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

From December 11 through January 23 "A Journey into the World of Insects from Their Perspective - Up Close and Personal" will be displaying at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory. This photo exhibit featuring ultra close-up macro photography of insects was created by local photographer Bill Johnson and will feature over 25 color prints, plus booklets full of 4"x6" pictures for visitors to look at. Admission is free to the public and Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is open 10am-4pm through the winter.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My black widow spider eating a cricket

Death Of A Conifer Seed Bug

From the video's description: I filmed this insect dying. I ended up with 4 hours of footage... THis was the first time I got emotional watching an insect die. I never much cared for insects until I started filming them these past couple of years...the micro lens opened up my heart to the insect world...

Insect Doing Breakdance

A darkling beetle on its back and feverishly moving its legs.

Nuthatch hunts for bugs

A nuthatch pokes its beak into tree bark in a search for grub.

The Red Carpenter Ant Queen and her First Workers

From the video's description: This is a colony of red carpenter ants(Camponotus novaeboracensis) in there founding stages. The workers in this video are nantics, the smallest and usually the most short lived.. I have boosted them to help them grow into a larger colony much faster then they normally would. Although I only used two pupae, the pupae are of major workers and will fulfill vital roles as nurses and guards until they are of age to forage and so on.

Eating Crickets

"Tastes like chips."


The insects of the Philippines shown in still-photographs and accompanied by wind instrument music.

HD Video Footage: Insect antenna

A close-up of a cockroach's antenna.

Japanese Bug Fight

If nearly 20 minutes of bug-fighting photographs is your cup of tea, look no further.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Slug Eats Shrew

A slug noshes on a dead shrew who has expired in a garden.

A Banana Slug Eats Foliage

The slow and methodical way in which this banana slug eats its leafy meal tells me that it's enjoying every single bite.

Tropical Caterpillar

This lime-green caterpillar with tufts of "greenery" on top looks like it would taste sour.

Podura aquatica

The following video of an aquatic springtail was taken through a microscope.

2" Jerusalem Cricket - Potato Bug in Sink

The potato bug looks like a toy.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Extraña Mantis De La Selva

If I ever traveled to another planet, I'd imagine the "people" to look like the praying mantis. It's that strange.