Friday, October 1, 2010

How To Use A Steam Cleaner To Eradicate Bed Bugs

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How To Use A Steam Cleaner To Eradicate Bed Bugs
   When exterminating bed bugs, many homeowners are wary of using chemicals or pesticides. They’re worried about the ill effects it has on one’s health, as well as its impact on the environment. Fortunately, using a steamer is just as effective. Such can kill both adult bugs and their eggs upon contact with steam. The following are some steps in using a steam cleaner to eliminate these insects.
   Remove as much clutter as you can to reduce the spaces where these bugs can hide. But don’t move your things to another room; such will only spread the bugs. Seal your things inside plastic bags or plastic containers to keep these bugs from getting elsewhere to hide and eventually lay their eggs there.
Place your clothes, blankets, linens, pillow cases and the likes in the washing machine and launder them with hot water. These insects will die when they get in contact with it, as well as their eggs. Afterwards, transfer them to the dryer and use the highest possible setting that’s fine for the fabrics. It’s also okay to hang them under the direct heat of the sun. Seal them inside plastic containers or bags to keep them from getting infested again.

   Now’s the time to get your steam cleaner into action. Follow the manufacturer’s directions in placing water in the receptacle. Switch to the hottest setting possible. Although these insects and their eggs can be killed by steam reaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit, much of the heat has vaporized already before getting to the target. So it’s better to go beyond that temperature.

   Work from the top part of the room going downward. You may start with the curtains, proceed with the furniture, then with the carpet. Go over their surfaces slowly to ensure that you’re killing those insects. Pay attention to folds and corners. It’s best to use a wide nozzle rather than a small one. Using a small nozzle heats up only a small area, therefore warning nearby bugs and giving them the chance to escape and hide elsewhere.

   Thoroughly go over your mattress and its box spring. In order to avoid molds to grow in them, it’s advisable to use a dry vapor cleaner. After going through the surfaces completely, seal them both in tough plastic. Doing so will trap any living insect inside which the steam wasn’t able to reach, until they die in there.
Also steam clean the cracks found on your walls and floors because they could be good hiding places for bed bugs. However, refrain from using it near electrical outlets or wires. Afterwards, plug the cracks with paint or caulk. Apply this steam cleaning method every other day for a few weeks, until you notice that the infestation has been solved.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Winter and Bed Bugs Don't Mix

   Today was balmy in New York City but it's almost October and I'm mindful of the impending chill of winter. It's going to be freezing in a couple of months and when it's cold outside, people like to be snuggled nice and comfy inside.

    That ain't happening if bed bugs are biting. How the hell are people going to cope when they want to snuggle in a nice warm blanket and bed bugs are raising hell right with them? I foresee another wave of bed bug hysteria this winter and that'll probably be the last hurrah before bed bugs vamoose from the headlines. I'm sick of bed bugs and I'm sure people are sick of reading about bed bugs. When and if bed bugs are extinguished from the national mind space, I'm going to rename this blog "Roaches GO!" or maybe "Stinkbugs DIE!" to continue chronicling the pests that haunt our homes. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Howard Stern hit by Bed Bugs

   The King of All Media has been pinched by bed bugs. Howard Stern's office on the 36th Floor of the McGraw-Hill Building on 1221 Avenue of the Americas was infested by bed bugs but according to Howard, the premises have been cleaned of all the pests over the weekend.

   Howard said, "Supposedly we're 100 per cent bedbug-free. The only place in New York City that probably is 100 per cent bedbug-free... (But) I'm scratching every minute... You know how paranoid I am about bedbugs. I just wish our contract (with this office space) was done and we could get out of here."

   I'd wager that Benjy Bronk or Richard Christy brought the bed bugs into the office. If I had to choose between the two, I'd have to go with Benjy who looks like a filthy MFer. Then again, Christy looks like filthy MFer too.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Renee Zellweger, Bradley Cooper face bed bug attack

   You know the bed bugs have won when even the royalty of Hollywood can't fend them off. From sify movies:
   "Hollywood couple Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper have reportedly been forced to throw out their mattress after it was attacked by bed bugs.

The pair, who started dating last year, have reportedly had to fork out a huge sum on a new Tempur-Pedic mattress after tiny parasites started living in their bedding, reports"

   A King-Size Tempur-Pedic mattress will set you back $3,699 while a Queen is $3,299. The Sify writer deems this a "huge sum" and yes, it is a lot of money but Renee earns at least $10-15 million a film and I think she'll be alright.

Monday, September 27, 2010

In with Stinkbugs, Out with Bedbugs

   Last week, I declared that Peak-Bed bug had been hit when the Bed Bug Summit 2010 took place in Chicago. You know about Peak-Oil right? Well, I'm certain that Peak-Bed Bug was reached last week.

   Time Magazine posted an article earlier today with the following headline:

Home Turf War: Stinkbugs Are Closing in on Bedbugs' Territory
Bedbugs are so five minutes ago. There's a new intruder infesting the Middle Atlantic states: the stinkbug. Seeking warmth for the winter, they're crawling into homes, offices and hotels, and hitching rides in trucks, buses, even your handbag. Unlike the bedbug, the stinkbug, thankfully, doesn't bite. To humans, they're actually harmless; they don't spread disease or destroy your property.

   Will Stink Bugs cause the same manic fever that Bed Bugs did this year? Doubtful. Stink Bugs can't live without eating for a year and they can't lay eggs indoors. Stink Bugs only reproduce and lay eggs outdoors on foliage. Why are Stink Bugs called such? Well, it's because they stank up the joint when frightened or squished between an exterminator's thumb and forefinger.