Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bombus pratorum, Early BumbleBee

Nancy Today: Bugs destroying pear tree

She needs to kill them little MFers.

Truly Organic Bug Control

Cochineal bug - Dactylopius coccus

What Is This Bug???

"In portuguese its name is "escaravelho" or "besouro rola-bosta."

Amber insect in a box

I want an insect trapped in amber.

Nancy Today: Mosquito experiment

Old lady gets bitten by a mosquito and ponders her immunity.

Turkish Centipede

The music adds to the danger of the centipede.

ZSL London Zoo butterfly house

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scorpion Lady

Teenage Girl Eats Live Cricket

Teenager chooses to eat a live cricket over a sun-dried tomato.

Girl Eats Raw Bug Bars! [Ramble Ramble] Vomit. 3yrs.


Kid Plays With Live Cicada In His Mouth

Connecting With Nature

Eating Insects - Silkworm Pupae Kabab


Emperor Scorpion Care - Flukers Cricket Food and Care

Soft Scale Insect (Coccidae) Close-up on Basswood

Weird Alien Insect

I found this bug at work. I think it comes from the ocean because they were on clothes that were hung up to dry in a bathroom. Anybody knows what kind of freaky bug this is?

Spider Catches and Kills an Insect

Monday, June 6, 2011

Insects worshipers (Cangcorang)

"This is cangcorang. Saw was frightening. According to these people is an insect worshipers. If we look at it from this video or photos cangcorang different from other insects."

Leaf Insect

This rarest insect "leafy creature" has been found in High Range of Kerala during our 2011 summer vacation. You will not be able to distinguish it from leaves. It has many dots exactly looks like holes in a partially dried leaf.

Another Dancing Creature

Brown Mantis Baby.

Panicky insect

The beetle woke up and shot off like a bullet.