Friday, September 17, 2010

Bed Bugs on “The View”

   Jeffrey White, an entomologist for BedBug Central and host of BedBug TV, made his debut appearance on “The View,” earlier today, to provide Sherry and Elizabeth with an education about bed bugs.
   To note Friday’s special event the BedBug Central website has unveiled a special discount for the public. When visiting the site, buyers can use a special COUPON code: BBTV to receive 20% off purchases of Protect-a-Bed mattress encasements and ClimbUp Insect Interceptors, which Jeffrey White demonstrated on Friday’s show.

   As an entomologist for BedBug Central, which serves as an authoritative resource for information about bed bugs, White has had a flurry of appearances in recent weeks including The Today Show, The CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, MSNBC along with many other media outlets. White’s segment was filmed on Tuesday and aired on Friday at 11:45AM EST.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Doctor's Office and Sick Ass People

   I have a doctor's appointment in about an hour for a routine checkup. The last time I was at my doctor's office was back in February and the waiting room was packed with people who were coughing, wheezing, phleghming, and making the nose whistle sound. The nose whistle was tweeting like Ashton Kutcher.

   I'm a little edgy right now because the doctor's office has chairs that are covered with fabric upholstery instead of leather or even pleather. Fabric means potential bed bugs lying in wait for J-Sonoma to sit his ass down so they can hitch a ride to Casa de Sonoma. I'm considering standing in the waiting room even if there are chairs available because I don't want to be bed-bugged. That would be a travesty especially when I've been railing about dirty ass people and their propensity for bed bug infections. I'm heading out in a few minutes and my eyes are going to be wide open on the lookout for critters that look like the beast seen above.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slate's take on bed bugs

   Slate joined the bed bug craze yesterday and posted an article on bed bugs. The piece is full of common sense and doesn't resort to hysterics to trumpet its point. Sorta reminds me of my Salem Witch Trial post from a couple of weeks ago. The link is here: and the headline and subtitle reads:

Don't Let the Bedbugs Fright False alarms can be just as bad as the real thing.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bed Bugs invade Dr. Oz Show

   The Dr. Oz Show is running a segment on bed bugs today and they brought in a jar filled with bed bugs into the studio to terrify the audience members. Some of the expressions from the ladies sitting in on the show were priceless - as if they had seen Frankenstein. In the second portion of the bed bug show, an expert warned the audience that bed bugs could hang out in consignment shops and other stores where used clothing or fabrics are bartered, sold, or exchanged. Jeniffer "the Buddhist" who works in our office frequents thrift shops in Manhattan so I'll have to scare her with the news. She once got a groovy Varvatos shirt for $5 and a pair of Diesel jeans for $15.

Monday, September 13, 2010

NYC's Bed Bugs make the Sydney Morning Herald

   Australia's got its share of pests and critters that creep in the night but New York City's bed bug problem has prompted the SMH to publish an article detailing the City's current dilemma. It's unclear if the article's subtext is to warn Australians from visiting New York while Gotham is undergoing a plague of epic proportions. Maybe the editor just needed a filler article that would prompt Australians to point and laugh at a wealthy and powerful city that's under siege by bugs that are tiny and creepy. The bed bugs are David and NYC is Goliath. Yeah, that's the ticket. The link to the full article is directly below: