Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ant VS Fly

That ant wasn't letting go for nothing.

Antz (Pentax K7 Video)

High quality macro footage of ants at work.

Hot Girl Kills Insects in Underwear

She's an exterminator in her underwear.

Stick Insect Mating

When stick insects are mating, any external movement doesn't even faze them.

Girl Eating Insect

She hesitates at first but eventually crushes a praying mantis in her gaping maw. Circle of life, bro. The video was originally uploaded in 2007.

Mr. Mantis

This is what a living mantis looks like.

My Chinese Mantis (Fearful) finally dies...R.l.P

He calls his dead mantis "Scherrie" and has another one named "Matilda." In the video, the dude basically plays with a dead insect.


Mandibles at work.

Microcosm - Woodlices and Springtails eating dead locust

The agents of Mother Nature eat their own.

Springtails and Baby Banana Roach's - Macro Clip

The insects all look so... juicy. The "courgette" referenced in the video's description is the French word for zucchini.

From the video's description: Springtails, Baby Banana Roach's and some Mites all living on a piece of Courgette. There is also an adult Banana Roach that passes by briefly. Springtails are so tiny it is hard to see what really look like. To the naked eye they appear as tiny specs that run and jump.

abejas / bee - nail art

I ain't gonna front. I could watch this all day.

Life of a Stinkbug

Stinkbugs are cool.

Pe'Pe The Spider

If you close your eyes and only listen to the music, you'd think Speed Racer was beating Evel Kenieval during a Halloween race. Amirite?

Bee Keeping Jamaican Stylee- Hive Maintenance Pt. 1

"Jamaica has potential; very, very big potential in beekeeping, because honey is in short supply both locally and internationally," -- First Deputy Chairman of the Jamaica Federation of Commercial Apiculturists (JFCA), Elton Cawley.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Edith's checkerspot butterfly laying her eggs while paying no attention to gravity

From the video's description: Some butterflies of this species lay eggs near the top of the plant and some lay near the base. This is the first of a pair of clips to illustrate the difference. The butterfly is gently led onto the plant (a Collinsia) by hand. She then behaves as though she had naturally alighted on the plant. The first part of the clip is in slow-motion so that you can see the butterfly tasting the plant with her atrophied forelegs (that are not used in walking). If the taste is acceptable (as it is in this case) she curls her abdomen and the brown ovipositor (the tube through whcgh eggs are laid) appears. The insect feels the underside of a leaf, and then, if the leaf is acceptable to touch, eggs are laid. At this point the clip shifts out of slow-motion an then to faster than normal. The NEXT video shows a different butterfly of the same species treating a plant very differently.

Marijuana plant died for no reason!

My guess is the dumbass saturated it with nutrients. The plant doesn't use up all of the nutes every time you water so dilute it.

How To Hydroponics - S02E01 Identifying Problems In Leaves

I do some hydroponics too but I've never had problems with leaves or insects since... the setup is indoors.

An Odd After Noon

The video is by someone named the "TheInsectQueen" so I have to give her respect.

Bed Bugs, Tennessee

Bed Bugs hit Nashville like a bad country song.

Edith's checkerspot butterfly paying attention to gravity?

From the video's description: This clip shows a butterfly led gently onto a Collinsia plant and tasting the plant, finding the taste acceptable, curling her abdomen & extruding her ovipositor, just as in the first clip. But, having done this, instead of just feeling the underside of a leaf and laying her eggs there, she tumbles down the plant, apparently loses it for a few moments, then refinds it, tastes the base and searches for the lowest part of the plant under which she can lay her eggs. the clip then fasts-forward till the insect naturally completes her egg clutch, then a human appears to show you the eggs.

U.S. National Arboretum 2 - Strange hummingbird-like insect?

That's a Macroglossum stellatarum or Hummingbird Hawk-moth, foo!

Green Guy In My Kitchen!

A mantis gets indoors and hangs onto a kitchen door.

Panamanian Caterpillar

The caterpillar looks like its wearing a striped jacket.

Appreciating Nature - Australian Native Bees

Whenever a bee buzzes near me, I don't freak out. I see other people freak out because of ignorance. The bee's more scared of your big-ass than
you should be of its tiny little stinger.

Weird Insect

Looks like an alien from another planet.

Giant Insects Infest The Gulf Coast Exploreum In Downtown Mobile

It's not only the insects that are robotic, the announcer's delivery is robotic too.


Americans would never go for this, no matter how nutritious and good it is.

Praying Mantis and Stick Insect - Cold Blooded Creepers

Video of two similar-looking but very different insects.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Insect Nation - 3D animation

Rendered with Maya.

Brown Baker Cicada

When the guy taking the video grabs the wounded cicada, it shrieks as if death was coming. In most cases however, the cicada would be food for a predator.

Two cabbage white butterflies filmed with high-speed camera

The butterflies look like toys but clumsy-ass man couldn't design anything this elegant.

Newly Hatched Geometers

The geometers shown in the following video will eventually become Geometrid moths that flutter and break free from the bounds of the ground.


Lesson learned from the following video: Insects taste nutty.

Spider gorges cockroach

The word should be "engorges" but who's counting.

Life Inside a Grass Hut, Vihara Foundation, India

From the video's description: For the poverty stricken in Bihar/Uttar Pradesh, life in a grass hut is a test of human endurance. These are footage of what the poor must face for the common right to survive. While the images are graphic, it tells the true tale of life inside a grass hut, as nightfall brings nightmares, coldness, crawling and biting insects, snakes, and other threats.

Those bugs are crawling over folks' faces and basically feasting.

Bugtown from KNOL Ontwerp, Dutch Design Week 2010

Structures designed for bugs...

Flying Termites

From the video's description: Termites hatched from the ground then flying to the nearest light. Cooktown, Queensland, Australia. This is a common event in the wet season in the tropics.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Insects steal bottle of Coke - Coca-Cola Heist commercial

Coke is it!

Eating Insects and Bugs - Wild Food School / FORAGING Times

Mixing insects in a salad is probably the wave of the future. Probably.


Hey, I was scared.

Future of Insects?

Amazon jungle - parasol ants, termites, etc

The background sound of the Amazon jungle is a constant wall of noise.

Cicada wing under microscope

Mother Nature would probably make some great stained glass.

Backswimmer - Notonectidae

From the video's description: The Backswimmer is a true bug that can be seen swimming on its back in ponds and still water. It is a predator on other pond life and any insects that fall in the water. It has a paralyzing bite that can incapacitate their prey. They can cause a painful bite to people if handled. They swim about using two paddle-shaped legs for locomotion and using their forelegs to grasp prey.


Using smoke to coax a whipspider out of its burrow.

Wildlife Tower and Log Pile

Wild Life Tower and Log Pile for insects at Chessington World of Adventures. This innocent looking construction of wood is home to thousands of insects and beetles.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WENDELL K: 'Insect Queen'

That's my JAM!

Huge Dung Beetle

The dung beetle's almost as big as an adult red-eared turtle. Insects tend to grow huge in Kenya.

R Photos Originals - Insects

Roaches in Butter Prank

I thought pranks like this went out with the 80s. Guess not.

Unknown insect mating

The insect mate and move at the same time. Kinky.

Green caterpillar

A large caterpillar undulates on a sidewalk in Mexico.

Stick Insect

That stick insect should be hanging from a tree instead of a metal bar.

Stick insect race

These kids today... making stick insects race against each other for their entertainment.

Caddisfly Larvae: Hard Knox Farm Biology

The caddisfly larvae is encased in detritus from the pond where it was found which is uses to protect itself. Sort of like how a hermit crab uses a shekl for protection.

Butterflies feasting

Butterflies sucking nectar from flowers.

Dead Calf in Bharatpur

From the video's description: Dead Calf in Bharatpur. Insects and birds eating the dead calf in Keoladeo National Park. Keoladeo Ghana National Park, is located in Rajasthan and is easily accessible from Agra & Jaipur.This National Park is 175 km from Jaipur and 185 km from Delhi. Bharatpur National Park is famous for its wide variety of birds in all over the world. Total area of the sanctuary is 29 sq km.

This footage is part of the professionally-shot stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of imagery from South Asia. The Wilderness Films India collection comprises of thousands of hours of high quality broadcast imagery, mostly shot on HDCAM 1080i High Definition, HDV and Digital Betacam. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production! We pride ourselves in bringing the best of India and South Asia to the world... wfi @ and

ERNESTO CORTAZAR- Let's take a walk, 'Insects and animals'

Amazing Insects

A collection of still photographs of colorful insects... and a squirrel.

Monday, January 3, 2011


What are invertebrates? Watch this video and learn.

Cockaroach Massacre

Jackass who lives in a roach-infested hovel curses up a storm and kills roaches.

Funk insect

This caterpillar is as big and thick as a sausage. Throw some peppers on it and you might have a meal.

Amazing Insects Vol.16, No.2: Beehive 001

A cone-shaped beehive which was found in Soi Dao National Park in northern Thailand.

Amazing Images

The images are not all of insects but a good video nonetheless.

Termites in your Zoo

If you operate a zoo, this video tells you why it's a good idea to add termites to your attractions.

Grammostola Rosea Feeding 3

Diamond Bugs

Drops of dew on insects make them look almost bejeweled.

Stick Insect Eggs

A jerky video in which a girl attempts to show viewers what stick insect eggs look like. They're oval-shaped and black.

Eating Pattaya street food

Blepharopsis mendica

It dances while it eats.

Ant jubilee

Acontista multicolor - Mantis eating fly

The mantis isn't that much bigger than the fly in terms of mass but it grasps and eats the fly without any logistical issues.

Playing with naughty Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)

From the video's description: Playing with our cousin's Marmosets in São Paulo. I'm sorry if the image is too fast but these little buggers move extremely quickly!

These bad boys come from Brazil and they eat insects, spiders and small vertebrates. They also like fruit and well, nearly anything that's edible.

They are male and female and they are 1.5 years old. The female is not ready to have any offspring as they don't mature until the 2nd year.

Philippine insects part 4

The music adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the insect footage from the Philippines.

Amazing insects

A kid announces her bug website.

Fried Insects Galore

Everything tastes good fried, right? RIGHT?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bugs - BBC

This video was uploaded earlier today even though I'm pretty sure it's BBC archival footage. That's one hell of a tongue.

Singapore: A Large Fly's Dry-Cleaning Routine

A fly uses its legs to clean its wings and body.

Vietnam butterfly

That thing's so big that it looks like a bird.

Betta Fish Feeding

A red betta eats freeze-dried bloodworms in a violent manner. That fish bowl needs aeration because the water looks stagnant.


From the video's description: American boll worm is neither a major nor a minor pest of American cotton since 2002 in Jind district of Haryana, India. Fortunately or unfortunately, all the notified & recommended varieties of American cotton have been replaced by BT hybrids. Now a new insect called mealybug (Phenococcus solenopsis) having its origin in USA is becoming a potential threat to cotton cultivation. In such a critical situation, 14 types of coccinellid lady beetles along with 6 types of predatory bugs, 2 types of chrysoperla spp., so many types of preying mantids, predatory flies and wasps, 3 types of parasitoids,parasites and 3 types of pathogens are active and helping the cotton growing farmers of district Jind (Haryana) in particular and society as a whole.

Weirdest Creatures of Earth

The narrator's kinda funky and recites a funky poem.

Hummingbird Moth aka Hawk Moth Fastest Flying Insect

The moth flits from flower to flower like a hummingbird too.