Friday, September 24, 2010

Bed Bugs Don't Go Begging for Press

   If bed bugs were collectively shaped into a personality, they'd receive more press than Obama, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Judge Judy combined. It's like that. Today, the Washington Post had the following article for their readers to glom over: Bed bugs: Their press rivals Bristol's

   From the AJC, we learn that bed bugs have cleared out a college dorm:
Bedbugs empty college dormitory in Cherokee Co.

   Even BusinessWeek is getting into the bedbug game with an article about the business of bed bugs:
How to Keep the Bedbugs from Biting

   Have we reached the moment of Peak-Bedbug yet? Or does it still lie ahead? In my opinion, we reached the peak when the Bedbug Summit 2010 took place in Chicago earlier this week. That was the crescendo and bed bugs will now slowly drift away from the clarion call of the daily news. The operative word is "slowly" because bed bugs are still going to enjoy their fair share of the news but it's gotta be downhill from here.

Aspects To Consider When Buying Bed Bugs Sprays

A directory-sourced article which I thought was acceptable -JSonoma:
   Once we are confronted with the issue of moving pests during the night along with bite marks in the morning, the most effective solution would be to buy bed bugs spray. Currently, there are lots of bug sprayers on the market that you could choose as well as pick from. They’re each showing just how reliable their particular items are and what they can perform in turn.

As a customer, you’re faced immediately with the question of getting the better bed bug sprays between a varied selection. You certainly need to be confident and successful on your decision. Is a fact that a non indicated spray may pose a risk for pets and even humans, if they contain poison. To help you consider this situation properly let me provide you with a few tips you should consider when buying bed bugs sprays.

Question One: Is it the safest ? This is perhaps the most important question you must ask, and you have to decide this upfront. The safety of your home is something you don’t want to gamble with. Certainly, you do want to chase for the best and most safe bug spray solution that you can find on your store or local market. Be careful, sometimes the effectiveness comes with harmfulness. Then, that is the reason why you should take a careful look into the ingredients of the spray to be able to select those are mostly organic. You don’t want active chemicals or other poisons on it. That’s why those sprays that are naturally produced are the preferred ones. It is obvious that cushions, mattress and covers will receive the sprayed solution, so you don’t want to play with the health of your beloved ones.

Question Two: Does it do its job ? The other obvious but no so useless problem is if the spray in question does it job and actually kills the bugs, the undesired ones. It can be a very heavy thing to deal with to purchase one after other product that may claim are 100% organic but that fails catastrophically to kill the bed bugs. The internet is a great tool to help you decide if one or another of this bugs sprays are really what they claim by reading customer evaluations and comments. Essentially the very first reason why you bought a bed bugs spray is to kill those pests, so if the article you get does not do that, choose another.

Third Question: The price is ok? We’re all the time in search for better price tags, specially for this kind of recurrent buying products. So, as a consumer, the right decision on choosing a bug spray must also be dictated by its price. As said before, this kind of sprays are very likely to be bought several times in the course of a month. If it is costly, you will probably end with nothing in your pockets. So, pay attention and make a balance on finding the right one. It does not true that the more expensive are the betters. There are generic drugs and unknown laboratories that manufacture good quality and cheap bed bug sprays.

   These are generally just a few of the queries you have to ask before even checking out a bed bugs spray or even two. As such, these should be thoroughly regarded to acquire the best possible spray deals that are inexpensive, efficient as well as harmless. Meeting these conditions doesn’t only help you save money in the process but in addition encouraging yourself that the product you get in inside your home is safe to use and contact.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Methods To Eradicate Those Annoying Bedbugs

   The following article arrived in an article directory that the company I work for owns and I'm reposting it here:

   If you have problems with bedbugs, then these are the simple care you can take to get rid of them. Bedbugs can be eradicated very simple. You can do this by yourself, or if scared, hire an exterminator.
   If you want to do it by yourself which is very simple, but you must be patient. The first step to take is to identify their habitats all over the house. Check for specific places like in the bedroom, carpets, drawers and so on.

   After identifying their breeding territory, scrub thoroughly and vacuum each infested area. You have to dislodge the attached eggs with a brush and vacuum again thoroughly. After vacuuming, put the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and seal all the cracks and holes.

   After identifying the habitats, scrub and vacuum very well these places with a brush to dislocate the attached eggs. Then vacuum again very well and put the vacuum bag in a sealed place where the eggs wont hatch or come out together with the bedbugs and seal the holes and cracks.

   Apply pesticides in the infested areas and mostly places far from your inhaling sites. It is not advisable to disinfect beds and clothes using pesticides. Evacuate the house for some hours as indicated on the product, after closing all the openings and when coming back, open each and every exit for fresh air.

   The other process of eradicating bedbugs is by use of poisonous pesticide . Pesticides are poisonous and care should be taken when using these products. When using pesticide, follow the instruction very well, and remember to buy the right one and confirm by reading the instructions.

   Seal your mattress with a plastic cover after disinfecting to ensure that those bedbugs which did not die, has no chance to come out or in. Another preventive measure is to use mattress cover. Make sure that all the times, your mattress is covered with a plastic seal to ensure that no bedbug comes in or out.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bedbug Experts at Summit in Chicago for Second Day

   They're still there. All of them. The smartest and greatest experts in the field of bed bugs all in one hotel. If the bed bugs were smart, they'd launch a nuclear strike on that hotel and wipe everyone out. The human population would then be helpless before the might of the bed bug onslaught.

   Anyway, it's unlikely that there'll be any great revelations or news to come out of the Bed Bug Summit. It's just a way for folks to gather together, exchange ideas, trade stories, and enjoy a couple of days off from the rigors of bed bug extermination. Trying the beat the little buggers tends to drain the soul so the Summit is a working vacation of sorts.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bed Bug Summit 2010

   Ain't that a bitch? There is an actual North American Bed Bug Summit hosted by, get this, BedBug University. I'm all for spreading the word about bed bugs but this is getting out of hand. What's next? Bed Bug prevention programs? Bed Bug 101 as a college entry-level course? Bed Bug prevention suits that are worn by afflicted sufferers while sleeping? Hm, that's not a bad idea actually... When does the madness end and can someone wake me up when it happens?

   Anyway, the "Summit" takes place on September 21-22 in Chicago but it's sold out. Ain't that a bitch? I might crash the venue if I'm allowed to take a few days off so I can see what's up. Shake hands, make some bed bug connections, and be on the lookout for dirty ass people. Sounds like fun. More details may be found on the official site: and the 6-page PDF brochure may be downloaded here. If you missed the Bed Bug Summit for this year, you can always go to the site and add your name to a waiting list for next year's show. I'm thinking the fervor over bed bugs will have died down by 2011 but the bugs might have staying power.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bed Bugs hit Niketown

   The massive Niketown flagship store on 6 E. 57th St. in New York City is the latest retailer to experience the Beg Bug Invasion. The five story building that houses Niketown has been closed while the process of BB eradication is carried out.

   In a Daily Mail article on the Niketown bed bug infestation, the writer cites the following reason for the increase in bed bug cases:

"The outbreak is blamed on increased international air travel."

   Um, who's blaming it on increased international air travel? Is the author making up a reason for why bed bug cases are on the rise? Did the author perform a random sampling of international air travelers at major airports and search them for bed bugs? As the Brits would say, "Bollocks!"

   I've said it before and I'll say it again - dirty ass people are the vector for bed bugs. How did bed bugs get into Niketown? On the back (literally) of a dirty ass person or someone who associated with said DAP.