Friday, April 1, 2011

Infrared Dimension(UFO Sightings) - Australian Research 2011

From the video's description: A session of Night Vision equipment, lasers and many passing objects in the sky. Seeing what is beyond the eyes of human vision into the infrared dimension and what lies there for exploration and discovery if ever science can except reality of existence and not ignore the evidence that lies here before them. For when man thinks he has all the answers, then we will know that is a sad day for all.

For any who may think the first unit is a plane strobe lighting, then answer to which pattern of navigation lighting does it follow? as it is not to any by Australian regulations standards. To any science minded, explain to me what is in our sky that is shaped as these objects with sizes up to 30 meters across, seen only in infrared light and moves as these objects without sound, structure in many cases unlike any machine and too large for any known animal or insect.
When you cannot answer these questions, then ask yourself why science and our representatives are not curious or investigative to these findings?

The media is controlled and dare not ask to show the scared public a side of reality it wants to ignore, why?

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